Welcome to Wellington City Council's Open Data Site

This site is intended for those wishing to access some of Wellington City Council's public facing spatial data for use in their own mapping projects. If you wish to view WCC's pre-made mapping rather than using the data directly, please visit our public mapping web page at Wellington City Council Mapping.

Please note that some data services on this Open Data Portal are provided directly from Wellington City Council's GIS servers and will be unavailable every Tuesday between 5:30pm and 10:30pm New Zealand time due to maintenance purposes.

How to use this Open Data Portal

To search for WCC data, simply search using the "search for open data" tool above the map on this page, or use this link to see all data.

Once you have located the layer you wish to use, press the 'Download Dataset' button on the layer page and choose your preferred method of download for your project. Alternatively, press the 'Open in ArcGIS' link to open the layer in an online map.


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WCC Tracks

Location data for WCC's track network show me>

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Data showing the wind zones of Wellington
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Data showing the flooding zones of Wellington
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1m Contour

Nestled amongst many hills, Wellington has a very interesting topography. View the 1m contour show me>